Behind the Energy Law Today blog is usually one face – me, Melissa J. Lyon. Sometimes we feature guest authors, but most of the time it is just me and I bring you along on this energy and natural resources law journey with me.

Thinking back, I realized I have been writing this blog since 2014 and some of my most-read articles are ones like this one, where I provide you with a real life update of what I have been up to…

I have updated you as to the happenings in the energy sectors of various places I have traveled to (for example, What Fuels Tennessee?, Through the Eyes of the Cowboy State: A Commentary on Wyoming Being Featured in the New York Times, Status Update: The Paris Agreement), I have reported back from conferences and provided insight on great books and industry events, I even share with you how my recipes relate to industry issues (recently – Resilience is Key: Gingerbread and Oil Prices, and my all time fav from back in 2016, It Takes the Right Ingredients: The Recipe for Oil and Gas Economics and the Perfect Pie Have Common Components)…but this time, I have something much more thought provoking to tell you about. This update is about “Thriving in Chaos.”

Enter Corinne Hancock. Earlier this month, Fox Rothschild brought Corinne Hancock in as a speaker and she spoke about “Thriving in Chaos.”

Something near and dear to many of us!

This program truly resonated with me and has made me think about all of the chaotic events that life throws at us – in business, in our personal lives, with our families and with our friends and children – and how we not just survive these times, but we learn to “thrive” in them, as Corinne would say.

As you know, I often write about the price of oil, not to mention that I am an attorney (an often chaotic profession in and of itself!) – chaos is inherent in this biz.  Chaotic is a great word to describe the volatility of the price environment over the past few years. We remember days, not that long ago, when oil was lower than we could imagine, yet many companies found a way to thrive during these difficult times, becoming more innovative and creative with how they approached problems.

As I write this, oil is up according to Bloomberg Markets’ article entitled, “Oil Jumps to Three-Week High as Advancing Stocks Fan Optimism.” WTI Crude Oil is at $63.95 per barrel and Brent Crude is at $67.54 per barrel, according to Bloomberg Energy.

The energy sector is the epitome of “thriving in chaos,” so that is probably why I found Corinne’s program so spot on and insightful. Corinne importantly teaches that, “how we react can be the difference between success and failure.” This is interestingly the one thing that we can control – our reaction.

No matter your chaotic environment, remember that “how we react can be the difference between success and failure.” Check out Corinne Hancock here if you would like more info on her programs!