Those of you who know me know that Wyoming is my first love and Paris is my second – but that is not why Paris is on my mind today.  Instead, it is on my mind because of a big breakfast meeting that going on this morning involving The Paris Agreement (aka The Paris Climate Accord or The Paris Accord)…

The New York Times reported that senior climate and energy ministers from a dozen or so nations are meeting for breakfast this morning to have “an informal discussion to help the Trump administration find a way to fulfill the president’s pledge to reduce emissions without harming the American economy.”

By way of a reminder, we previously discussed The Paris Agreement in our post from nearly a year ago entitled, “Its Official:  The Paris Agreement Goes into Effect Today.”  A few short weeks later, I was in Paris for the first time – walking the cobblestone streets with a pastry in hand, drinking pastis and falling absolutely in love with the City of Light.  France hosted the conference back in 2015 and according to article entitled, “What to Know about the Historic ‘Paris Agreement’ on Climate Change,” was a key player in the deal.

Need a quick refresher?

A great summary of The Paris Agreement can be found here in the NPR article entitled, “So What Exactly Is In the Paris Climate Accord?

What happened to The Paris Agreement?

We all know that one of Trump’s campaign promises was to pull the U.S. out of The Paris Agreement and he has frequently discussed that he would like to renegotiate the deal.

So what is going on today? What is the status?

Well, as of right now it is kind of hard to say for sure.  See the following articles:

The best I can do is to tell you that we will continue to monitor the status of The Paris Agreement and US involvement in the same…stay tuned.  And if you are like me, try not to dream about croissants all day now that Paris is on your mind!